Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yesterday, our neighbors brought Andy to us. Andy has an open wound on his abdomen! The 'rents took him to the emergency vet! Andy got stitched up and has 3 medicines to take. Two are antibiotics, one is for pain!

LD brought Fish's confinement pen back inside and now Andy lives in it! He cannot run around until his stitches are removed!

He meows all the time!

We are so upset! Fish freaked when he saw the pen coming back inside! I got afraid when I heard Andy meowing his pain!

We sniff Andy and sit with him but he is unhappy!

We want Andy well so he can hiss at us and throw his paws at us!

Not. Good. At. All.,



1-4 Grace said...

Poor Andy.
We will say special prayers for him to get better.
Andy and i might be brothers from one of our other lives. We are marked up the same.
I don't get to go outside unless I am on my harness leash. Mommy is afraid i might get in front of a car.
Give Andy a paws up for me.

Songbird said...

Poor Andy! I feel for him!

zorra said...

Poor Andy! I'll be praying for him. So glad your neighbors found him!

Mary Beth said...

Aw....this is turrible! Just when Fish is all better too!

Praying for y'all.

Sue said...

We're putting our paws together and praying hard for Andy.

Truffle and Ouzo