Sunday, September 9, 2007

From the Mailbag

Dear Whistle,
How is Andy?
---A Nother Cat Pal

Dear ANCP,
He's crabby in his confinement pen. He hates it! His owie is getting well. He hisses at us when we stick our paws in his pen.

Dear Whistle:
What do I do about bad breff?
---Pass Me a Breff Mint

Dear Mint,
Have you tried Greenies, the breff refreshing cat cookie? I have great breff because I use Greenies! I use Pittr Pat Mints to keep my meows clear and loud. They help my breff, too.

Dear Whistle,
When is good time for a cat cookie?

Dear Anon,
When is it not a good time to have a cat cookie? Believe me, a cat cookie helps any condition. Like if you are getting hissed at by Andy or if you see your Mom standing near where she keeps the cat cookies or when you feel a bit peaked or if you need to keep your strength up. A cookie is a great idea anytime.

Thanks for your questions! Keep your whiskers clean and as Cousin Meleech says, "Peace of the Paw",



1-4 Grace said...

Dear Whistle,
I want to grow big and strong like my big brother Melech. I only weigh 1.5 lbs right now. Mommy says I will grow into a big boy soon, but I want to get to be a really big boy.I am eating my kitten food and geting lots of exercise by chasing a ball, jumping on sofa, and wrestling with Mel. What else should I do to grow faster?
Yours Truly,

Whistle said...

Dear Mugsy,
Hey~ you need to play the "baby cat" card! See? You can get what you want by being the "little kitty"~ It's great! Make Mel wait on you and do your bidding!
Even next year when you are a big cat, you can still be the baby cat in the family! Works for me!

Littlemankitty said...

Dear Whistle,
How can I get my human to stop putting drops in my ears?

Sue said...

Dear Whistle,

How does Ouzo know when the alarm clock is going to buzz? EVERY morning, he comes and licks my cheek about 2 minutes BEFORE the clock buzzes.

How does he do it? Is it a cat secret?


Whistle said...

Dear Littlemankitty and Aunt Sue:
First, your Mom thinks you need those ear drops. Let her put them in and when she isn't looking---shake your head wildly. The drops will spray out of your ears and then, both of you will be satisfied.
Aunt Sue, don't you see? Ouzo is helping you prepare yourself for the alarm clock sound! A few licks on your face and you won't be startled by the alarm clock sound! What a great cat Ouzo is!