Monday, September 17, 2007

Scary things...

Our Mom has her suitcase out. She's putting things in it and muttering. We aren't allowed in the room with her suitcase. I don't know if she is hiding things from us or if she is recalling how her Mother's cat "did something in suitcase" years ago as her Mom packed for England.
Anyway, she must be going somewhere again. First, she when to see the Aunts, Assumpta, Bea and Dibley. She stayed a long time.
Then, she went to Nashville to see Cheese, Sue and 1-4 Grace. She stayed a long time.
After that, she packed her suitcase for Atlanta and saw the RevGals. She stayed a long time.
Off to Washington to see PPB and many young gals. She stayed a long time.
Now, here she goes off to see Ireland. Who is that? She will stay a long time.
I don't care for it.
Who will keep our secret water bowls filled? Who will scratch my head and tickle the polka-dots on my tummy?
Who will go get Fish to give him cat cookies when he forgets to come to "Evening Cookie Time"?
Who will keep Dubby from getting into trouble?
Who will let Sister and Andy indoors, let them outdoors, indoors, outdoors...all day long?
Travel is not good. I'm against it. Really, really against it. Don't care for it.
Just so you know how I feel about it,
P.S. This is a picture of the suitcases and cases displayed at Ellis Island.


Songbird said...

Don't worry, Whistle. Your mama will come back. Maybe by the time she does, Dubby will smell right.
Love you,
Aunt Songbird

Althea N. Agape said...

Awww, and she locked you out so you couldn't even pack some extra reminders of you to go with her. That was mean. An no naps in the clean clothes in the suitcase, either. That's our favorite. Our Mommy likes having little Delenn and Padme hair on everything to remind her that we love her.

Well, at least Mommy will have lots of interesting wooly sheep smells when she comes back. Maybe some greenies as a treat...

PPB said...

Maybe you're going to get some Irish cat cookies! I bet Irish cats get to have lots of real cream. I bet you're going to get real cream. It'll be okay. Your other humans will be nice to you.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I don't like them either. Bearded Scritcher just left for a "retreat" and said he would need to rest when he came home. Why do you retreat if you come home tired? I think he should retreat here! I won't have someone to snuggle between and Giver of Greenies doesn't let me on her pillow.

I hate uitcases-say. Just not nice.

The Shadow Princess

Sue said...

Your Mama will come back soon Whistle, don't worry. I bet she even brings back a treat for you.