Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our New Kitten

This is Dubbertee Bunratty, our new kitten. Our LS says Fish and I are such great cats that we need to help another cat be great, too.

This is what we are teaching Dubby (his nickname, not for his formal stationary):

*teach to use claws on furniture

*race through the house on thunder paws late at night

*kick cat litter

*get on the kitchen counter

*hide in Mom's closet

Our next big lesson is how to pull toilet paper off the roll into a big pile. He's not quite ready for this lesson.

I taught him how to stand up to get cat cookies but wish I hadn't. It's not easy sharing cat cookies with Fish, Dubby and Sister. In a perfect world, I'd get ALL the cat cookies.



P.S. Aunt 1-4 Grace sent us the most wonderful cat treats and stuff! She sent Mom a bracelet and earrings too! Even Sister got a dog fur smoother! We love her gifts! We love her!


Littlemankitty said...

Dear Cousin,
Today is Saint Francis' Day, did you know that? Last year, I went and got blessed, and it was really fun. This year I don't get to go get blessed because of my Behavior At The Vet. Which is fine. I'm all blessed up anyway. But I think your mama should have a St. Francis day blessing at your house cuz you have LOTS of pets.
My sister didn't teach me NOTHIN' except how to drink out of the bath-tub.
Lucky for me, she doesn't like cat-cookies. Phew!
Stay cool, and be nice to the new cat.

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
It looks like Dubby is doing very well under your training. I am proud of you!
In my car are some treats for you; I hope to get to the Post Office tomorrow and send them.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird

mibi52 said...

Welcome, Dubby! BTW, get your bors to teach you how to drink from the toilet. we do it all the time and it really gets a reaction from our Mom...

Spooky and Mia