Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stealth Blogger: Dubby

Here I am. Whistle can bluster all he wants but I can type faster than he can! Get a load of my paws! He's in the kitchen chewing cat chow so I came in here to blog.

I love my home and family! I landed in butter!
Great cat crunchies for food. I don't miss that canned stuff at the Book Store but the noise of a popping can catches my ears.

I love W. and F.! Whistle lets me play with him and Fish will learn to love me, too. Sister is the best dog Nanny in the entire world, maybe the universe!

I love Greenies, bottle caps, cat toys and books. Yes, I'm going to Prof. Whisker's School with the older brothers. I'm learning how to be a locksmith, play the piano and programming. All of us polydactyl kitties get to be on the Paw Track there. For fun, when it rains and we can't go into the playground, we practice tying knots.

Gotta go, here comes Whistle. You can call me "Happy Dubby" because I am.

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ppb said...

pretty pawsies!