Thursday, October 18, 2007

heh heh heh
Hey Everybody! I'm blogging! heh heh heh!
Whistle is eating cat crunchies from his Wedgwood bowl in the kitchen so he doesn't know!
I'm dressing up as a big cat for Halloween. We are having a party. Mom says I should be a politican for Halloween since I have big paws. I don't want to wear Sans-A-Belt slacks and a comb over! I want to be a big cat!
LMK! How you doing? Hey Mel and Mugsy! Hey Truffle and Ouzo! Hey my dog at Zorras! Hey Molly! Hey everybody!
Gotta run...Whistle is coming to the study


Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Hi Dubby
I think you are cool paws. You are like Little Man Kitty, I think.

I am going to be dressed as a princess, but ain't nobody putting a crown on my head and live. I have a crown of fur, thankyouverymuch.

The Shadow Princess

P.S. Don't worry about stealing blogtime. Sometimes we cats have to do it.

zorra said...

Hi Dubby! Thanks for the shout out!

I don't like trick or treating--too many new people and strange sights, and I'm a rather conservative dog. I'd rather stay in the back bedroom or in my dad's closet where I don't have to deal with all the unfamiliar stuff. But if you go, I hope you have fun. What's a politician?

Your friend,

1-4 Grace said...

Hey Dub-mister!!!!
I am gonna be a lil' punkin' for Halloween and Mel might be a Wholly Ghost again or sumpin' else.
Mommy is gonna be green eggs and ham for her party at the local hangout and her friend is gonna be Scarlett O Hara in a curtain dress.
How is Scarlett O'hara?
Mel has ringy-wormmy too. So now he has to have this stuff on his head 4x a day. I get dipped again tomorrow, but i like it there 'cause the girl that dips me is pretty!!!!
It is rainy Baptist and Methodist here today!

Sue said...

Hey Dubby!!!

Love your paws. They are just like Truffle's, and she shows them off all the time, especially for company.

Hallowe'en is not a fun time at our house. I hide under the bed because of all the strangers knocking on the door. *shudders*

Truffle and I get closed off in the back room where I sit under the bed and Truffle usually falls asleep.

Do you have a Wedgewood dish too?


Littlemankitty said...

My family doesn't celebrate halloween. Cuz we live in an 'part of ment. Someday, when we live in a whole ment, maybe we'll celebrate. And also my sister is all black and at halloween sometimes people are mean to black kitties. So we'll stay home and do nuthin' again. I want to trick or treat. You think they're giving out greenies?

I want to see pictures of BOTH your costumes--politician and big cat!!

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Molly said...

Hey, Dubby! Where are you? Type me another message, okay? I've been offline but now I'm back!
Your friend,