Saturday, October 6, 2007

It is 328 days until my birthday.

I knew you wanted an update for your planning.



P.S. It's ok with me if Dubs blogs. I just hope he doesn't get a Facebook page.

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1-4 Grace said...

Glad everyone liked their suprises and treats.
I just got in from the Lone Star state and a wedding.
The boys are playing chase and chew now.
I am going to soak my aching feet and read the news. i wore 2 1/2 inch heels for first time ever. My toes ahve owies.
Mugsy is ten weeks old and learning all about cat life. He does Stinky Boy Turds in his box and kicks litter all over. He fell in bath tub twice already b/c he was trying to get the bubbles. :)~
Have a good week and take care of your Momma.