Thursday, October 18, 2007

Interview: Whistle with Dubby

Whistle here.
I'm interviewing Dubby.
Whistle: Tell us, Dubby, how it's going for you...
Dubby: Just great! I love it here! I have EVERYTHING I need: great kitten chow all the time, you, Fish and Andy and my own Nanny Sister!
Plenty to do here! Lots of blinds to play with! Good rugs to knead with my claws! I love my Owners! You let me take a nap with you!
W: Anything bothering you?
D: Nope.
W: Plans for the future?
D: Doing well at Prof. Whisker's Cat School, learning more tricks, pooping in designated areas only, making turkeys for Thanksgiving by outlining my know, that sort of thing.
W: You are a good kitten. Let me say just like Fish doesn't want anyone to disturb him when he's under his Sacred Turtle Quilt, I don't want you to use my blog. Got it?
D: Oh, sure! No more using your blog!
W: Great. Anything else for our readers?
D: Yeah, I have very clean ears! Whistle cleans my ears and does general grooming for me! Is that the best or what? I smell like my brothers and my Nanny now!
W: You are welcome, lil' fella! Ok. That's the interview. Remember the part about not using my blog...
D: No prob! Wanna play?
W: Sure....
That's the news from here,

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Songbird said...

Whistle, I really like your interview technique!
I'll be there to see you in 70 days. Can you count that high?
Aunt Songbird