Saturday, November 3, 2007

Busy with our studies at Prof. Whisker's Cat School. Busy teaching Dubby how to be a good kitten. Busy taking naps, kicking cat litter and chasing things.

We are busy cats.



Songbird said...

You are *very* busy boys!
Baby likes to kick the cat litter, too, so I have to use the vacuum a lot.
I can't wait to see all y'all. I'll be there in 54 days!

DogBlogger said...

Yes, I'm a very busy dog, too. Busy barking at stuff and rolling on the carpet and in the grass, and busy taking a ride with a needle at the other end of it, and busy getting The Boy to not be afraid of the crate.

Anonymous said...

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Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Hi Whistle!
I have been busy too. Mostly keeping tabs on my humans. They keep disappearing for "sleepovers" but I hear they don't sleep at them. Strange.

I am perfecting the "leap on the table and look surprised I am not supposed to be here" trick. Ever try that? It's lots of fun. Especially if the butter dish is left out.

prrrrrrrs for butter on whiskers.

The Shadow Princess

1-4 Grace said...

Our Mom does not understand about kicking litter around and she gets upset with us when it gets messy.
She also does not like it when Mugsy hops in bed with her at 6AM and bites her on the ear.
Today we chased a fly through the house and knocked soem stuff over. it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!
We are busy too! Mom has another interview this week. She says our job is to b quite and to stay on our knees and pray. Mugsy thinks it is more fun to go to the phone and do a cat MEOW prayer chant.

Littlemankitty said...

It is cold where we are, and I am skinny. I have learned that if you crawl UNDER the cupboards, you are warmer. This is fun. It's even more fun if you do it AFTEr the human makes the bed.

1-4 Grace said...

Hey Guess what?
We have our very own blog now!
Come see us!!!!
We wanted MandM, but that was taken already...something about a registered trademark. Who knew?
We can blog on our own now and say (almost) whatever we want to.