Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guest Blogger: Dubby

Hey! My brothers are so silly! I can't stop giggling!
Guess what they told me???? And I'm supposed to believe them???

--we will have a real live tree INSIDE our house!!!

---some cats get food out of cans!!!!

---some people give their cats baths!!!!!

HAHAHAHA! Where do they get these ideas????

Is life great or what?


P.S. Don't worry about Fish. I love him and he will love me. I just know it.


Althea N. Agape said...

I remember the tree... you can climb in it and they hand lots of dangly cat toys on it. Just be careful if they put the shiny silver stuff on the tree, this is gross, but when you go to the litterbox, the silver stuff just hangs out behind you and follows you all over the house. Don't eat it! even though it waves in the breeze and is SOOO tempting. Our mommy has hard silver things now so we aren't tempted.
Delenn and Padme

ppb said...

Well, Dubby, I'm one of those mean humans that bathes my kitties. Twice a year, whether they need it or not. But it's mostly because the old girl doesn't do a good job herself, and the littleman likes to roll around in the fireplace.

Be careful! Stay out of fireplaces! Don't forget to take a bath! Then you'll be safe!

RevAnne said...

Dubby, don't tell your people I said this, but the trees are great for climbing. I bet polydactyl cats are especially good at it.
Really don't eat the shiny stuff. Yuck.

--the spooky Boo cat

zorra said...

For real! Wait until you see the tree--and what's on it! Not to mention, what's under it!

But I am very good around the tree, as was my late sister. I always Leave. The. Tree. Alone. You will do well to heed that advice, though it will be hard.

I think dogs get bathed more often than cats. But no cat could hate baths worse than this dog does. I hope you won't have to have one.

Your friend,

1-4 Grace said...

You are right Dubby. Fish just needs soem time. Melech loves me now, gives me baths, and helps me out.
Oh, and you will get a tree in your house. We have one with lights and bells and thigns to play with!!! It is so great. I climb up in it everyday and watch the action.
Oh and Mel and I each have a stocking. Mommy says, some dude named Santa will put treats in it!

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

It's true. Really!!! A real tree covered in cat toys and blinking things and lots of other ribbons and bows and fun toys and it is fun because you can always say the OTHER CAT did it. Or the dog.

The Shadow Princess

Sue said...

Dubby it's true!!! The tree is so much fun and it is full of shiny things to knock off the branches and chase around the house all night long. Fun! Fun! Fun!!!