Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guest Blogger: Fish

I am a quiet contemplative cat. I choose my friends with care. I am not a party animal. Life is best when things stay the same.
See this drawing? Whistle and I were best friends. We did everything together.
Now, Dubby takes naps with Whistle. Dubby plays with Whistle. Whistle asks me to nap and play with them but I don't want Dubby around.
I am not happy.


RevAnne said...

Oh, Fish, I hope you can learn to love Dubby. He is what he is, and right now he's a very young cat. In time, he'll learn about contemplation and stillness. At least, I think he will. The spooky Boo cat is 10 and she still chases ghosts (or something) throughout the house. Any advice on how to convert her? I know she's a heathen because she prays (loudly) to the corner god, and I'm pretty sure s/he's not the same as the Big Cat.

Sue said...

Poor Fish. Perhaps in time you and Dubby will learn to be friends too.