Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Progress Report from Professor Whiskers

Dear Mrs. Casserole,

Fish is doing well in school although he prefers to do projects alone rather than in groups. His work with making tents of everything shows a strong for privacy. His grades are good. His best friend is Whistle.

Whistle is doing well in school although he talks in class often. He is a good-natured cat. He has many friends due to his genial nature. He reaches out to comfort his classmates. I asked him why he wore a "hiss at me" note placed by a boisterous fellow student. He said he wore it because it made the student happy. He entertains us with quotes from his Nanny: "Take a nap and you'll feel better", "Clean ears are beautiful ears" and so on. Whistle wants to invite Sister the Dog to be his Show and Tell but not all cats love dogs. I'm sure you understand.

Young Dubby is adjusting well. He is eager to participate in all activities at school. He works hard at his studies. He becomes distressed when he cannot find Fish or Whistle. He eats a good lunch and several big snacks during the school day. He learned to spell "polydactyl" today which seemed to please him. When he wrote the word on the school litter box I reminded him of school rules about defacing property.

We are delighted to have Fish, Whistle and Dubby at our school. Mrs. Fluffy asks that I remind you that it will be your turn to bring Greenies for the snacks Tuesday.

Please contact me if I may be help to you.


Professor Whiskers


1-4 Grace said...

Guess what?????
I can jump on the counter!
Here's what I do... I climb up on the trashcan and then step over to the windowsill and then turn around (carefully) and the I hop on the counter.
It is so cool up there! Next I want to learn how to get on top of the 'fridge like Melech does.

ppb said...

I bet your mama is very proud of your progress.

Sue said...

This is a fine progress report! I'm glad to hear that all of the students are doing so well at school.

Molly said...

I knew you could do it! You are smart cats!!
Your friend,