Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Our family had lots of people over to eat ham, cabbage and black-eyed peas with rice.

The ham was on the kitchen counter.

This picture is not from our house because Mom said she doesn't serve New Year's Day company on red plastic plates.

All I know is that I didn't get any ham. Nobody with furry feet got any.

We had to take our naps in Mom's bedroom. Away from the food and people.

Next year, I'm going the the par tay and eat HAM.

I'll be 3 this year. On August 28th if you need to write this in your new 2008 agenda.



Anonymous said...

I need to get a new agenda, so I can write your birthday in it! I'm sorry about the ham. Some guests just don't understand cats and get all weirded out about fur. Sillies.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Whistle,

We didn't have any guests today besides the Boy (who used to live here, now he just does laundry and eats here, so he's not really a guest.)

THIS MEANS: that we got to eat ham and peas too!

We also sent some peas home with our Yankee friend. He just moved here from Illinois last year and doesn't know about such things.

We say "ant" for Aunt too, because,,, um, how else do you say it!?

Your Texas friends, Josie and Boudreaux

Spooky said...

My people didn't have any company over today. They spent the day cleaning and packing (they keep saying something about moving...I hope they take me!).

I'll be nine this year, on the last day of this month. I'm a senior Cat.

Happy New Year!

zorra said...

Whistle, I didn't get any ham and peas yesterday either, or any of my aunt's good cornbread. But mama says she will give me the ham hock bone later! Ask your mama if there's a ham hock you can have. (Actually she will probably give it to Sister, but maybe Sister will share.)

Happy New Year to all of y'all,

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
Everyone stayed home on New Year's Day where I live, because it was snowing!
If I had still been there, you would surely have gotten a little bit of ham.
Aunt Songbird