Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hey Spooky (go here:, thanks for adding me to your meme! I don't even know what that is except my brother, Fish, says it is French for "grandmother" which I know is wrong.

I know all the same people you do, mostly so I don't know who to tag.

It's cold here. I'm sitting on my Mom's lap to blog. I hope she isn't reading this and I am not sitting on her lap to reach the keyboard. She's very warm. I am very tall in real life. Tall and big.

Maybe a meme is a good way to let EVERYBODY know that MY BIRTHDAY is August 28.
I like Greenies,if you worry about what to get me.

Gotta run. Time for Bathtub Bashing where Fish and I get into the bathtub and beat each other up! Great times!




Spooky said...

Hey, Whistle! Thanks for playing! I wasn't really sure what a meme was either, but Miss Kitty, NFC, sort of gave me an idea.

My birthday is coming soon. I'll be nine years old on January 31! Somebody told me that's old in Cat years, but I don't think I'm old.

Bathtub Bashing sounds like a lot of fun. I'm an only Cat, so I just sit with Napper and watch sports shows on the moving picture box.

Stay warm!

Littlemankitty said...

My sister and I have bathtub fights, too! Only she doesn't like them. She likes the bathtub, and I like dive-bombing her head when she's sitting in there. It's fun.

Tiggie FOC said...

A ping pong ball in the bath tub is a real great way to get work out! And drips from the faucet are facinating. Hart can watch drips for hours, which is good.

I always watch my people when they fill the tub with water and climb in. I am not sure they know how to swim so I always keep an eye on them while they bath. Or sit on the toilet. Water...what if they fall in? They should use litter. It is safer.
Orange cats rule.

Sue said...

Bathtub fights are fun!!

I'm glad you mentioned your birfday. We might have forgotten. Greenies it is...

Truffle and Ouzo