Tuesday, February 26, 2008

according to Cute Overload, it's official. Orange Cats are voting for Obama.

Just keeping you informed,



DogBlogger said...

Whistle, I need you to tell me... is there a difference between orange cats and ginger cats?


Littlemankitty said...

You have so many names---orange cats, ginger cats, marmelade cats! I have lots of names too, "no, no, don't do that!" "get. down.from.there" and 'llisten, mister."

I think if you're voting for Obama, you must be a demo-cat. I'm a demo-cat, too. But I'm the other kind of demo-cat, the Madame President kind of demo-cat. I think girlkitty isn't a democat, or a publican. I think she said she was a green party.

Wait a minute---what if there are greenies at the green party.

Songbird said...

My Lady Mother laughed about a thing someone said about ladies who get stuff done. But I think she likes who you like.
I say Cats are the New Black.

1-4 Grace said...

Brown Tabby cats are voting for Obama. He is like sorta the same color we are.
Tuxedo cats are voting for Obama because we heard he will outlaw having cats nails cut too short.
We are both Demo-cats. I guess Mama is a Demo-who-man-bean!
Our mama went to her Sim-Uh-near-ree, but it is not near it is far, far away and we are sad. We miss our morning cuddles and are nighttime nose kisses.
We won't to protest our Mama going off without us.
Do somebody say Greenies????

Rev SS said...

I'm a carmel cat and I'm voting for Obama too. So are my black and white brother and both sisters.


Anonymous said...

LMK, I have it on good authority that greenies are not in the offering for Green Party members.

Tiggie FOC said...

I thought we orange cats were more like red than blue, so I'm a republicat.

A good and faithful Texas born, red state republicat.

I'm just mad I can't vote for Mitt.

three tabby troublemakers said...

Three tabbies are votin' Obama too! We like his style.

Anonymous said...

On closer examination of this photo, Whistle, it does not appear to be you. You are a much leaner, meaner, fighting machine specimen of a cat. Why are you getting body doubles?