Monday, February 25, 2008

This is my first post in 15 days.

I am on double secret probation.

She told me I was in trouble for clawing furniture and rugs; breaking things and knocking stuff off high places.


She should read What Every Cat Caretaker Should Know by Professor Whiskers:

"Disciplining cats is a waste of time. Discipline implies a "discipling" which will not happen because cats are not humans. A cat is a cat.

Rather than correcting a cat distract or re-direct the cat's attention. Everything in a human home is a cat toy. If you do not wish your cat to play with toys, put the toy away.

Anyone who corrects a cat is wasting time."

I didn't do the things She said I did. Dubby, Fish and Andy did the naughty things, not me.




Spooky said...

I know you are the innocent one, Whistle.

I think Prof. Whiskers overlooked one very important thing: not only is everything inside a human home a cat toy, the human home itself is also a cat toy. Just ask Treater - she's really mad at me 'cause she's trying to sell this home and she says it's my fault that she has to make some expensive repairs. Unfortunately, there's only me in this place. I can't point fingers at anyone else.

Althea N. Agape said...

Poor Whistle. My servant is spreading smelly stuff on the walls in the living room and she scolded me cause I jumped up in the window sill and got stinky stuff on my paws -- Yuck! that's MY window sill, and I should be scolding her for spreading smelly stuff on it and getting the smelly stuff on my nice clean paws and on my nose. BTW, I tried to blame it on Padme, but the smelly stuff is nasty and hard to lick off.

I DO NOT understand this odd behavior. I need to go meditate on this. Where it doesn't stink. Not in my wonderful window sill.


Sue said...

You state your case well, Whistle. Are you a lawyer cat?

Have you seen the Marmalade Cats for Obama picture on cuteoverload? It reminded me of you.

Tiggie FOC said...

Man, Whistle. You have GOT to get your people under control.
Bust out the purrs, the rolling around looking cute, drag stuff to them and give them the big kitten eyes. You know the routine.

Littlemankitty said...

I totally believe you.
Humans are so silly. That's why it takes so long for us to train them.

Songbird said...

I get blamed for absolutely everything at my house, Whistle. I think it's because I have those double paws, and my Lady Mother says I practically have posable thumbs. I don't know what she means.
I can't help it if I throw up every day. They have a name for it. It's a condition.
Bulimically Yours,