Tuesday, February 5, 2008


How the Animal Delegates plan to vote:

ANDY "John McCain All the Way!"

SISTER "I'm for Hillary."


FISH "I'm thinking about this..."

DUBBY "Mittens! I want Mittens!"

Actual Conversation...

Dubby: I'm voting for Mittens!
Sister: Who, dear?
Dubby: The one called 'Mittens'!
Sister: I'm not sure that's quite right, dear.
Go back to your homework.
Dubby: Yes, m'am.


Songbird said...

Molly: Obama
Sam: Whatever Molly says
Baby: Whoever dogs don't like
Puss Puss: Whatever

Mrs. M said...

Anthony: McCain
Izzy: Obama
Romper: Ron Paul

zorra said...

Amie is still on the fence, but she agrees with me that Obama/Edwards would be an awesome ticket.

Rev SS said...

Oliver, Samantha, Cassandra and Christopher: Obama

I have four SMART cats :)

Sue said...

No voting here, only nappage.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Tiria: Obama
Polgara: (major yawn)
Calvin: all the skin shedders quit

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

HEY! Whistle! Fish! Dubby! (OK. Sister, too...)

Giver of Greenies was rustling and made up a little package. She said it is for your house?!!! I saw what went in it. Uh... the Greenies didn't fit. She said she heard that your Aunt Songbird had just brought you some, so I would have to send them later.

Anyway - it was something about hearts day.

I hope you like it.

Would you please give St. Cass an extra purr and kitty luvs from us Maryland type folks?

The Shadow Princess

Linda said...

dubs I think "mittens" is out! Maybe you should go for hillary .... She likes kitties!!

Littlemankitty said...

Why is it that they tell us everything about the candidates except for their beliefs on kitty baths (I'm against them), greenies (I'm for them), veterinarians (I'm against 'em), and dogs (I'm not sure about them.)

Kaz's Cats said...

G'day Whistle, We saw you mentioned on Spooky's blog so we thought we'd come over and visit. All of our voting here in Australia was finally finished on November 24 last year, so we were pretty happy about that. Don't know what it's like for you now, but we did get sick of the politics way before the actual election happened. Politics looks like it's too hard for kitties and woofies and fish anyway - it'd certainly get in the way of our naps.


Gypsy & Tasha

1-4 Grace said...

Mugsy: Obama, s long as he likes cats, but if I hear anything about cat abandonment or mistreatment, then I say he is out.
Melech: I learned in John Calvin Cat College, that Jesus Christ is the only elect...so what is the big fat Hairball deal?
Bonnie the Frog: Are there any amphibians running? There has never been an amphbian president. Betcha didn't know that!

Whistle said...

Mittens dropped out. Dubby is crushed but says he loves Hillary because she has a cat.

I should be watching for a package?


Gypsy and Tasha, welcome! Do you have good bugs and lizards to catch where you live? I read Bill Bryson's book about Australia and he says you do. I'd come visit you but I don't leave this house. Too much work to do here! It's my destiny to be a house cat.

Love to everybody else! Aunt Songbird, where are you? we can't find you!!!