Saturday, April 5, 2008

Guest Blogger: Sister the Dog

I have a good, happy life.

I have work I love as a nanny to my cats: Fish, Whistle and Dubby.

Andy, the outdoor cat is my friend, too.

I sit on my Alpha's lap every morning while he drinks coffee and reads the newspaper.

I spend my days with She who loves me.

I sleep indoors.

My dog dish is filled twice a day with dog crunchies. I have cat crunchies for snacks all day.

I am grateful for God's good care of me.

I was once a lost puppy but now I am a family dog.



Songbird said...

Dear Sister,
Your story is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes.
Much love,
Aunt Songbird

zorra said...

I hear that. Me too. Amen and amen.


Sue said...

Sister, you are indeed a good dog and an excellent nanny to your feline charges. They are blessed to have you.

Truffle and Ouzo