Monday, April 28, 2008

Guest Blogger: Dubby the Kitten

Dubby here.

I am a small cat. I am full grown but small. When you see me with my brothers, Whistle and Fish, I look like a kitten.

I am not a kitten, I'm just short.

I will be big in my heart and purrs. I am big in playfulness. I am big in eating cat cookies.

I am not going to worry about being little instead of big.

I have better paws than any other cats in my house.

Just letting you know.



Spooky said...

Dubby, there's nothing wrong with being a small Cat. If you were a girl cat, you'd be "petite." I'm a girl cat and I'm small so I'm petite. You're a boy cat, so you're just plain cute!

Mrs. M said...


My brothers, Anthony and Romper, are much bigger thna I am, but you know what? I can get into way more mischeif.

-Izzy the Calico

Littlemankitty said...

I'm not very big, either. But my paws are big, and that makes up for it. Sometimes Girlkitty stands up really big next to me and she's a LOT bigger than me. And I feel little. Then I bop her on the nose. And I feel big.

It's all in perspective.

zorra said...

And you're very handsome, too (for a cat). Just tell your brothers that good things come in small packages. I'm rather petite myself, except, well, around the middle.


Sue said...

Dear Dubby,

I am a small cat too. My extra big paws make me especially beautiful and fierce (in a good way, of course).


Anonymous said...

Dubby - I'm small too! My Feeder-Cuddler thinks it's because I'm not "orange" but I'm black and white (and a girl). F-C is used to big orange boy cats and I'm just what she needed when Hobbes' kidneys couldn't work anymore. Anyhow, little kitties unite!

Purrs Dude - Gracie

1-4 Grace said...

Mugsy is short, but fat...
I am skinny, but very tall.
Cats come in different shapes and sizes, just like our peeps, but we are all created by God, loved by those who open cans and empty litter boxes and scratch our chins, and we all unique.
It is okay to be short and it is okay to be tall.
Mommy says we are all phe-shul..

1-4 Grace said...

Message to Fish
Don't stay out so long. It worries your Momma and we get 'fraid you might get gone and then we could Blog no more.
Love Your Blog Brothers,
Mel and Mugs

Anonymous said...

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