Thursday, April 3, 2008

We've been busy. She came home. That's good.

Prof. Whiskers assigned an interview paper for my class. We must interview the animals in our home.

Fish Interview
Whistle: Fish, why do you run outside when they open the door?
Fish: I am a great explorer. I am the Columbus of this house!
W: What do you see outside?
F: Stuff.
W: Oh...o.k.

Andy Interview
Whistle: Andy, how did you become so cool?
A: What? Get out the way! I need to eat!
W: Wow, you are so cool!
A: Go. Away.
W: Oh...o.k.

Dubby Interview
Whistle: Dubby, what are you doing?
Dubby: Patroling the hallway.
W: Why?
D: I am responsible for looking out the windows here.
W: Oh..o.k.

Yours devotedly,



Littlemankitty said...

do me! do me! interview me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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1-4 Grace said...

I want a vue too!
My job is to watch the birdies out the window and to alert everyoen when the dogs next door go out to pee.
Mugsy Wugs the Alerter

And my job is to inform our humanoid that it is tiem for supper or breakfast or a snack.
Melech the Infomer

1-4 Grace said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain or the security center posting.
I'm just saying...

zorra said...

Are you and Fish in the same class? Maybe he would interview you.