Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Suitcase on bed. Trouble ahead. Mom on go. Cats feel woe.



zorra said...

Same here--

Deb said...

Oh dear. uit-cases-say are never ever a good thing. Especially the kind that they put kittehs in.
Keep the faith...


DogBlogger said...

We're with you.

Except we aren't cats.

-- Cub & Angus

1-4 Grace said...

No suitcase here, but Mom did calle E,the greatest sitter ever!
Apparently our Momma will travel later on.
Come over for snorrgles if you need them. it was chilly this morning so we got extra long snorrgling in bed!
Oh, our momma said to tell your momma and Aunt Cheese, " Bone-Boy-Oz." Whatever, she is always speaking in some weird language.

1-4 Grace said...

Oh, the last message was from Mugsy and Melech.

Tiggie FOC said...

Yup...suitcases are never good news. Us stripy tailed orange cats know these things. Hang tough.