Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dear Aunt LLS,

I don't know if you read my blog. I know you are busy doing things with Dibby, Assumpta and B. We are very happy you are coming to see us. I want to show you the freckles on my nose. I have four now. I am one good lookin' cat. Fish has ONE nose freckle, poorly placed. Too bad for him.

I'm writing to say that IF you are bringing us cat treats, our preferred brand is Greenies.

I have to go now. I hear Mom. If she knows I'm suggesting you bring us Greenies (my favorite!), I'll be in troubles.



Anonymous said...

I have a beauty mark, not a nose freckle.

I'm telling Mom that you begged for Greenies.


Rev SS said...

I LOVE reading your blog ... you always make me smile. Tell Fish I understand how he feels when you talk about him, but he really shouldn't rat you out ... that will only make it worse ... I know from experience!


Fred the Cat said...

I have one big freckle and it makes me even more good looking! Us orange cats are the handsomest.

You know, mum's been reading your blog to me for a while, Whistle, and I thought I might start one of my own. So you are kind of a kitty role model for the orange cat crowd.