Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sister, One Tired Dog

We had wind and funder all last night. I know this because Sister, my dog, told me she did not sleep at all. She doesn't care for noises outside of our house. Funder gets on her nerves especially.

We cats sleep through everything except the sound of cat food being poured into our bowls or when the drawer to the Greenie Treats is opened. We trust Sister to monitor the outside noises.

She is the best dog in the world. I wish all of my cat pals had a dog just like my Sister. She loves us and takes care of us. She plays with us, too. She is gentle. She feels warm when I snuggle up next to her.



zorra said...

Poor Sister. Amie would sympathize.
Ask your mom to give Sister a big hug and a treat for me.

Spooky said...

I can sleep through almost anything (I always hear food and Greenies noises!), but last week, we had those loud boomers with bright flashes outside, and it skeered me right under the bed. Treater said we have more coming tonight. I don't have anybody to protect me or snuggle with.

1-4 Grace said...

We want a Dog Nanny like Sister.
We were scred by the same storm this morning. Mommy said we were safe and sound, but I didn't like it!
Mugsy- Wugs

Tiggie FOC said...

I think I would like Sister.