Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today is a Limited Access Day. That means we cats cannot go everywhere in our own house. Some doors are closed to us. I begged and scratched outside of LD's room but Mom hollered that she was busy getting the room ready for Aunt LLS's visit. Then, she wouldn't let me in the Kids bathroom because she was busy cleaning it. Then the Study Bathroom, then this, then that!

I gave up and got on her bed to take a snooze. I found Fish, Dubby and Andy sleeping there already.

I do not care for Limited Access Days.
I belong everywhere and I like to know what is going on.



Spooky said...

All cats should have full access to every part of his/her house! That's the only way we can keep the house protected from whatever it is that we Cats are supposed to protect the house and our people from.

Protest very loudly.

When all else fails, however, do what you did - take a nap!

Anonymous said...

Now, my cats don't believe in limited access days either. So LMK has just learned how to open doorknobs. There's only one that he absolutely can't open, and that's the bathroom. Do not try this at home.

Sue said...

We do not like limited access days here either. At all.

Truffle and Ouzo

DogBlogger said...

I like to know what is going on, too.

Psst... I tagged you over at my blog!