Friday, March 14, 2008

Rules and Rules and More Rules

I am sick of rules!

I am a Cat. What's with the rules?

Prof. Whiskers won't let us use LOL Cats spelling.

Mom says "Stop scratching the furniture!"

Mr. C. says, "Get out of my closet!"

Fish says, "Leave me alone!"

Dubby says, "It's TIME to PLAY WITH ME NOW!!!"

Sick of rules! I need a cruise!



Spooky said...

Yeah! I'm sick of rules, too. Not sure about a cruise, however...a Cat and all that water?!

I'm also sick of being fussed at. My people brought those suitcases back today and then right away fussed at me for what I left in the middle of the dining room floor. blush

Songbird said...

Pack yourself a bag, Whistle! I'll help you get on the boat!

RevAnne said...

Whistle, I need a cruise, too...can you smuggle me in your suitcase?

Anonymous said...
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