Thursday, January 18, 2007

Several things are on the ol' Cat Bowl today:

Big Shout-Out to Cousins Dibbie, A. and B. (the Louche Girls) who have ice and snow today.
Keep yer paws dry, y'all. Remember to beg for canned cat food and extra treats!

Fish can eat out of our Best Human's hands! Took the guy months!

My final paper "Cats in the Catechism" is finished! I am sending it to Prof. Whiskers this afternoon after Fish proofs. I'm hoping for an "A".

I'm registered next term for: Cats in Church, Napping as a Theological Paradigm and Soft or Crunchie: How the Republicans Took Nutrients from Cat Food. My sport will be intramural String.

Fish took my iPod and will NOT give it back.

Sister, my dog, is taking my calls this week. Leave a message with her and I'll get back to you.

Whistle, Himself


Littlemankitty said...

Intramural string? I want to play! (But I don't want to go to kitty college yet.)

Molly said...

Wroo wroo! I prefer junior varsity snuggling.
Sam's specialty is Mat Dog: Guarding the Door.
Isn't is great we can have so many interests?