Saturday, January 20, 2007

Windows are great. I sit on a small table, here in the study, to look at our courtyard. I see geckos, birds, bugs through the glass. If my nanny, Sister, goes out, I wait for her at my window.
My window doesn't have pink plants blooming or green grass. I see brick and hibiscus plants. I see bamboo and a daisy.
My work is inside so Windows give me a view of another world.
Gotta run! It's Saturday!

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Littlemankitty said...

I like windows, too. I'm a town kitty. The living room and the dining room look out on the street. There are cars! people! fire trucks! the oil truck! They all go by. Nobody gets as excited about them as I do.

In the bedrooms, the windows look on the courtyard. It is small and green and there are squirrels and sometimes dogs (that's what we call th ereally big cats that aren't as smart as us, right?) and humans, too. There are lots of bushes. I meow at the squirrels, but they never answer.

I must go look out the window now. Will I see you!