Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cat News Sunday Edition

Dubby has a new red collar. The jingly bell is red, too.

We have a big, big bag of Cat Crunchies. Gives me confidence.

Somebody cut his paw. He left bloody paw prints on the Study bathtub. We think it was Fish but he says cats hide pain. He's not telling.

Fish made an "A" on his paper, "Litter Boxes: The Indoor Cat's Dilemma." He wrote about how we use multi-cut shredded newspaper in our litter boxes because we are living Green around here. We put his paper on the refrigerator. He got an extra Cat Cookie.

Dubby heard about cats who live with bunny rabbits. He wants a bunny rabbit for a buddy.

Fish howls about the stock market. I told him what I heard on the Motley Fool, "if you aren't retiring in the next 3-5 years, pay no attention to the market." I don't think his stock in Greenies is in danger.

I've knocked the fake orchid plant off the Mantle four times! Each time it looks worse and worse! Maybe Mom will throw it away if I push it off again!

Dubby and Fish took a nap together last week. Can you believe that?

Andy killed a mau wus for Mom. He meowed until she came outside to praise him.

Sister is at Mr.C's office this afternoon guarding him.

Love from your Reporter,

Whistle, this is MY blog


Songbird said...

You are a most excellent reporter!

Spooky said...

Using multi-cut shredded newspaper in your litter boxes is an excellent green idea!!

Very good reporting, Whistle!

Sue said...

Good reporting Whistle. Sorry about the hurt footie, whoever had the injury. Ouchie.

I'm glad that Fish and Dubby napped together. it's always good to nap with a friend.

1-4 Grace said...

I has a new litter box with a high back in it.
I am 'possed to kick the litter that way, but I kick it toward the front

Tiggie FOC said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff to report! Whistle, you did a great job of covering all the important news. And I am glad to read about the Greenie marekt being OK!