Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fish is in big trouble. He came in from being outside all night long this morning. He is an indoor kitty.

Mom asked to speak to him in the Cone of Silence. They went into her study and she closed the door.

Immediately, Dubby and I pressed ourselves to the closed door so we wouldn't miss a word.

Perfect Fish is getting blasted out by Mom!

She said:

"Fish, I know you are Adventure Cat in your heart. You were outside in the danger all night long. We have dogs, mean cats, squirrels, foxes, opossums and snakes in our neighborhood. We have speedy cars, too. You are not allowed to go outside at night and stay outside. You are in big trouble.

I know you like to take off your green collar when you go outside. You believe that Adventure Cat would not wear a kitty collar. This is dangerous, too. If you get lost or hurt, no one will be able to find us to help you if you lose your collar.

As punishment, I am going to trim the tip of your beautiful ginger tail fur into a straight line. Long ago, when my Grandmother was a child, her nurse told her that if you trim a cat's tail, the cat will not run away. If you disobey me and go outside at night, if someone finds you, they will know you are family cat because of the trimmed tail.

I want you to grow up to be big and strong. I want you to be our kitty for all the years God has for you. I expect you to stay indoors."

We heard "snip, snip" and then Fish yelled "Adventure Cat" and leapt out of the room.

You heard it here first.



Molly said...

Dear Whistle,
Please do not tell my Mama about tail trimming!!! I am very proud of my tail. She is a nervous mama, too.
I have never spent the night outside my house, except a few times when my tummy was upset and I slept in the fenced yard. My Mama worried and came to the door every few minutes to call me.
Please tell Fish I hope his tail grows back its fur. I have white on the tip of my tail.
Your friend,

Whistle said...

We think Fish's tail looks cool!
Dubby brought scissors to ME and asked to get his tail trimmed, too.

I'm not sure this is what Mom had in mind.

Fish says a trimmed tail is the trademark of ADVENTURE CAT.

You are beautiful, Molly.

Your, Fish

Littlemankitty said...

I want to be adventure cat!!! (but maybe one that stays inside--I'm skeered of outside)

Songbird said...

Hi, Whistle,
One time the groomer trimmed my tail and my Mama was mad because I don't have many white tail hairs and she could hardly see them anymore!
I think they grew back.
I'm saying hi to Dubby, because he is my Bearnaise Sauce Cat Cousin. Hi, Dubby!

Sue said...

Dear Fish,
Our Mom told us about your outdoor adventure and we cuddled close to her. We are scared of outside. We are not Adventure Cats.

We recommend staying inside where the only scary thing is when Dad sneezes more than once. Truffle yells at him when he does that because it startles her.

Please stay safe Fish.

your cousins,
Truffle and Ouzo

1-4 Grace said...

Ohhhh...Fish got his tail trimmed,,,,oh my@!
Maybe you hould stay close and not run off so much.
Oh, LMK there are plenty of 'ventures in side too. We found a grasshoopper and played with it for an hour.
Keep the adventures in side. Mel and I pretend we are in the jungle and are being chased by wild animals. We run down the hall, slide on the floor and hide in the covers like they are bushes!
Mugs ( a fellow adventure cat)

1-4 Grace said...

Oh, Momma got her a new shirt that talks about is on her blog.