Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guest Blogger: Dubby

My girl came home for not much time. Whistle and Fish say she lives somewhere else. I don't think this is true. I go into her room waiting for her. I get sleepy. I fall asleep. When I wake up, I can't find my girl.

She was here! She held me, talked to me and fed me Cat Crunchies!

She held me to get a pic of my Halloween costume. I'm trick or treating as a Big Mouse!

Whistle and Fish have costumes, too.

The weirdest thing happened today! Sister, my dog, went with my girl and Mr.C. to see my boy. We cats were left untended!!!

Whistle and Fish were very bad. I was good. We had the house to ourselves without Sister. I'm glad Sister came home. It's happier when she is here.



Sue said...

Dubby, I love your costume! I'm glad you were a good cat while you were unattended. I'm also glad you were able to visit with your girl.

Songbird said...

Dear Dubby,
You look like a fearsome mouse in your costume. One time my human children dressed up as mice, a grey mouse and a pink mouse. My little girl was so little she rode in her stroller on Halloween. I made their tails out of yarn. We all had fun, but one of our cats, Puss Pull, followed us and got lost for a whole night!! Don't worry, though, she came home the next morning, just like Fish when he stayed outside. She was only 2 then, but now she is 13 years old. She is the same age as our human girl.
I can't wait to see you,
Aunt Songbird

1-4 Grace said...

Great costume...I am gonna be a devil this year and Mel is gonna be a spooky ghost.
Mugsy Andrew