Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fish ran outside last night. He wouldn't listen to anyone!
Everytime they tried to get him, he ran away more.

We didn't sleep well because we worried about him.

This morning, we heard a little "meow" at the kitchen door.

It was Fish!

He's home with us again! He ate a big bowl of cat crunchies, lapped up a bowl of water and is now asleep.

We can't be happy when our brother is away from us.

He was lost and now is found.

Whistle, a happy brother


Anonymous said...

lost kitties are very scary for the hoo-mans and for the brother cats. Tell him to never never do that again!!!!

1-4 Grace said...

So, so scary when kittehs are on the loose.
Fish stay home! don't scare your family like that!

Sue said...

Oh Whistle - you must have been so worried!!!

Fish honey, please stay at home. We all need to know you're safe.

Your Sue