Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday, Dear Fishy Fish!
Happy Birthday, to ME!

Three days until I am Three years old!

My birthday is Thursday, but I guess everyone on the Planet knows!

I am getting gifts and cookies!

I am very very very very very happy!

Fish or "Mr.Cat Cookie Breff"


1-4 Grace said...

we are counting down with you. since you are three, you can vote in the 'lections. Hope you are a Democat and will vote for Obama like me...he believes in equal rights for cats
Melech, three, registerd to vote and a Democat by choice

Sue said...

Only one more sleep (depending on how often you sleep of course)!!

1-4 Grace said...

Hope you are all doing well.
Momma is still away and we had a bad storm with a tornado last night and got scared.
we knew you'd underrstand about cats and storms.

1-4 Grace said...

oh and one more day till you be 3 years old.
Melech and Mugsy-Wugs

mibi52 said...

Stay dry, dear kitty.

Anonymous said...

Southerner writing for the babies.
Something is wrong with our Google Account password so we must comment tonight as "Anonymous". Happy Happy Birthday. If the storm coming in scares you, know you are in our purrayers and you are welcome to come to Montana and stay with us. Our human daddy and momma are originally from a town about 150 miles north of you. We love your blog.
Madison, Taylor, Reagan, Miss Gaby, Michelle and Emily (an aspiring Ole Miss Cheercat)
(All six - furry felines)

1-4 Grace said...

Happy Birthday Ginger Cats!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday dear boys!

Your Sue