Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Note from Fish...

Fabulous birthday today!

Mugsy and his sister sent us a beautiful package with catnip toys, Greenies and a plate with a beautiful ginger cat painted on it!

I sat up on my hind legs to hold the catnip mouse in my paws and lick it. Best catnip I've ever sniffed!

Whistle is flopped over from eating Greenies and other birthday treats.

Dubby loves the mice and Greenies, too. He licked the heart shaped catnip bag and carried it out of the room.

I'm going to hang the ginger cat estate sale plate in my cat basket. It will be perfect.

Then, a lovely friend sent us a sign. It is beautiful! It says, "You had me at Meow". This is a reference to Catty McGuire, the movie starring Cat Cruise and Rene Catwigger. We love it.

Lovely friend, you didn't put your name on the package! How can we thank you? It is a great present. As an art student, I love having a piece of art as a gift! You are the best! Thank you!

Being 3 will be more fun than being 2 or 1. Three year old kitties are mature, wise cats and, because I get better looking every day...well, the future is great!

Dubby and Sister send their kindest regards. Andy is busy doing hurricane prep outside. Whistle is snoring off a tummy of Greenies.


Fish, 3 years old TODAY

P.S. We saw Verbena, the VAT, today. She is living in a hole in a big pile of potting soil from an overturned pot. She's doing well.


1-4 Grace said...

So happy you ahve had a happy birthday. That is the best catnip ever. I liek to lick it (Melech) and Mugsy lays on top of his.
Greenies are always good.
Please know we say are kitty prayers for all of you now.
Momma prayed a special prayer at a special place where she is is called "Mon-treat."
Any place with treat in its name must be great.
I wonder if they have Greenies there?
Anyhow, Momma sat on a rock near the water and prayed for your Momma, you, and the whole C family.
She will continue to pray for all.
We are glad you had a happy birthday and enjoyed your special treats.
Oh, and Go Obama!!!!!
Melech and Mugsy

Whistle said...

Whistle here.

I just ate seven Greenies in a row.


Greenie Breff Rules!

I love my Birthday!!!!!!!

DogBlogger said...

Happy Birthday, Whistle and Fish! Did you see I got a hat? And it wasn't even my birthday.
The Boy

Songbird said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, boys!!
I can't wait to see you again!!!
Aunt Songbird

Spooky said...

Happy Birthday Number Three, Fish!!
Happy Birthday to you, too, Whistle!!

Sue said...

Happy Number 3 boys.

The mystery gift was from Truffle and Ouzo. They thought it was funny and you would like it.

Whistle said...

My Sue! The "Meow" sign is from Ouzo and Truffle!

We love our cat cousins!

We send head touches and purrs!

Fish and Whistle

and me. Dubby, too!!!

Sue said...

Head touches and purrs right back atcha boys.

Stay safe and dry,

Your cat cousins,
Ouzo and Truffle

Littlemankitty said...

Dear Whistle and Fish,
I hope you had a really, really really great birfday.
You are 3.
I am 2.
You are bigger than me.
But I have more toes.
I am worried about you.
Mama says it's going to rain and rain and rain and rain at your house and you might have to go in the bad box that goes to the vet but not go to the vet, but no matter what, if you're in the bad box it isn't a happy day. I'm worried.
I don't want it to rain and rain and rain and rain at your house. i don't want you to have to go in the bad box.
I told the Big Cat to watch out for you and your humans and all the other kitties and humans and even the dogs.