Monday, August 18, 2008

A Package Arrives!!!!!!!!!

Guess what? I got a birthday present today! The package is addressed to "W and F". I'm the "W"!

We aren't allowed to open our presents yet. We have a present from Mugs and Mel but I don't know what is in it! It smells good when you stand on top of it and smell it.

My birthday is in ten (10) days!!!!!!

I'll be three (3)!!!!


Whistle, I approve this message, my birthday is in 10 days and I am a ginger cat.


Spooky said...

Oooooh, how exciting this is!!

1-4 Grace said...

Its getting closer and closer!

1-4 Grace said...

I wonder if anything special is happening a week fro mday, hmmmmm?
Is there gonna be a party at Chick-fil-a or Miceky D's?
Maybe mini fish sandwiches and ice cream or chciekn sanwiches and milk?

Sue said...

I'm glad your package arrived!