Friday, August 22, 2008

School started on August 7. We don't know why our school can't wait until after Labor Day.

Professor Whisker's has many exciting plans for us this year.

First, we are studying birds as our school theme. Mom put up three new bird feeders for us to use in our studies.

Dubby says he wants to study bugs. We did that last year when he was too little to know anything.

Fish is writing a treatise on cats as the reason for English literature. We aren't allowed to speak to him when he is busy with research. I think he is napping. He says he is thinking deep thoughts.

Andy is busy preparing for the height of hurricane season. He comes inside to eat and claw the rug in the family room.

Sister says we must behave in school. We must have clean faces and paws before we go to class. She is the best Dog Nanny ever!

I had to write this post to prove I am not fixated on my Birthday (!!!!!!!!!)


Whistle (3 in 6 days!!!!!!!!!)


Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
This sounds like a very ambitious year for you!
Our cats graduated long ago, but Baby says she has been asked to teach an Adult Education class on mouse-carrying. She is an expert in that skill.
I wish I could come to your birthday party,
Aunt Songbird

1-4 Grace said...

We are in school too!
Mugsy has to learn how to write his name and I am learning about famous cats in history.
Mugsy is also working on his acrobat skills in gymn class.
I get to practice ball playing.
We got birdy feeders and sometiems the squirrls coem to eat. They are funny.
Oh...happy birthday! Hey, now you are legal. You can buy catnip all by yourself.

1-4 Grace said...

Our Momma left us behind...we are so sad in the house alone. Want to cut class and come play? We have birdy-birds, squirlly-squirls, and a long hallway to slide down..
are you in?

M and M