Thursday, December 6, 2007

At our house, we get to play "cat baby" everyday.
Mom or LD picks us up and holds us like a baby on our backs.
we don't care for it.
Fish says Santa Claws is watching us to see if we are good so we have to be nice about "cat baby".
Do your people make you do goofy stuff at your house?


Sue said...

Our Mom gives us cuddles and kisses the tops of our heads every night before she goes to bed. Sometimes we're sleeping and she wakes us up a bit, but that's okay.

RevAnne said...

Otis the Gorgeous loved being my cat baby. The day he died, he reached up and patted my face as I held him one last time.
The spooky Boo cat, on the other hand, is still half-wild at the age of 10 and does not like to be held for any reason.