Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dear Little Man Kitty,
You want to know what a collar is? A collar is a piece of fabric which goes around your neck. A beautiful bell hangs on the fabric. If you are an outdoor cat, you get an award tag saying whose you are and where you got your shots (aka "owies"). Lots of cats wear collars.
We wear collars for several reasons. First, our Mom saw a movie "Lady and the Tramp" when she was a girl. It's a dog movie so don't bother watching it, ok? The yard dog in the movie gets a collar to show that he belongs to his people. He likes it. It's a sign of human-pet ownership. Another reason we wear collars is because Andy wears a collar. He's an outdoor/indoor kitty. If he gets lost or hurt outside, his collar will help him get home and help. Finally, the bells on collars helps our Mom find us when we are cat hiding. You know what that is don't you? Like when Fish goes on Retreat under the wing chair in the living room. He stays there for hours thinking deep cat thoughts. But, if Mom gets lonely for him, she calls his name and he will ring his bell for her to find him. He says he rings his bell from under the chair because he is irritated, but really he wants Mom to find him and scratch his polka dot cat tummy.
We have collars. We have leather collars with pewter accents for special occasions. We have soft collars to wear when we are being "cool". Our everyday collars are blue. Andy loses a collar 'bout everyday. Mom finds his collars on the ground underneath the azalea bushes and on the driveway. I take my collar off when I feel like it. Fish doesn't take off his collar. Not. Ever. Dubby keeps his collar on these days because sometimes he remembers where he lived before and the collar reminds him that his a forever cat in our family now.

We love you, LMK. You are a fine Cat Cousin. We all say this.

Whistle, your cousin


Littlemankitty said...

Kitties go outside?

Wow. I only went outside twice. Once in a cage (I didn't like it) to go to the vet (i really didn't like it) and once to get blessed. I liked that, but mama says I was a kitten and I might not like it now. But maybe I would. We don't know. If there's another blessing, we'll go, but this year there wasn't one. Maybe if there's another blessing, I'll get to wear a collar.

I don't live in a house. I live in a partament. It's a part of a ment. But I don't know what a ment is. Anyway, it's little, so mama doesn't have to look for me. Cause I'm usually right there. I wish I had a wing chair to think deep thoughts under. pretty soon we get our indoor tree, and then I'm going to try to sit under and think deep thoughts. Like girlkitty does. If she'll let me . She doesn't like sharing stuff much.

Thanks for explaining the collar. I forgot that i wore a collar once, but it was a minister collar. I just wore it to get my picture taken. I didn't like it. But I would probably like it if there was a bell attached, or maybe a pocket for greenies. Must think more about collars. Maybe when I ge the tree, I'll think more.

Gotta go! Your best cousin kitty friend,

Sue said...

Truffle just recently got a collar so that Ouzo can hear her coming to chase him out of the litter box while he's doing his bidness.

I don't know why she does that, but I'm sure I've heard her giggling about it.

In any case, the collar is beautiful so she doesn't mind wearing it. It is made of polar fleece and is a pink and black animal print. Soooo pretty.

Ouzo doesn't have one. The bell would scare him. He is easily startled.

Molly said...

Our cats take off their collars all the time. I keep mine on. It has special tags, and one of them has my name and another one says I am a Canine Good Citizen! (Sam is one, too, but he doesn't have a fancy tag for it.)
Did you know my mama is coming to visit you?

Tiggie FOC said...

I will wear a collar. Right after the last drop of blood has been extracted from the hand and arm attempting to put a collar on me.

But I think they look fine on other cats. Donut up the street even has one with two jangle tags and a cute lavendar gingham bow. She's really girlie-girlie, a calico. You know how they are.

Whoops, there's a squirrel outside by the window.
Gotta run.
Tiggie, FOC

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Nope. Don't wear one. It would itch. And I don't want a bell. How could I sneak up on the grouch? (T.O.C. That Other Cat.)

I went outside once last year by mistake and it skeered me. Now when the door opens I go the other way. Like under the bed.

The Shadow Princess