Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Aunt Songbird,

I want you to come soon!
I lined up cat crunchies to count how many days until your visit but Fish ate them.

Know what? I know even more great stuff since I saw you last year.
I learned to jump on the Mantlepiece and knock stuff off.
We got Dubby and I love him.
Sister is the best cat Nanny in the entire world! Just like last year!
I have a new freckle on my nose. I'll show it to you.
Fish got hurt then got well! He is the best jumper!
We learned to wait for our mom because she went on long trips.
I met new pet pals through my blog!

We all want to see you! Come soon!

Your best Orange Cat Other than Fish Who You Love Too,



Spooky said...

Whistle, I think you learned a lot this year. You are a good kitty.

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle,
I cannot wait to see you! I will be at your house in three days. That's one day each for you, Fish and Dubby. I love you all, and can't wait to meet my new friend, Dubby!
Aunt Songbird

Kathryn said...

Dear Whistle
I got my mum to post a poem specially for all my revcatpals over at her blog...because she is too mean to let me have a blog of my own. She says it would mean more purrcrastination. I think that sounds lovely.
The poem is Very Important because it puts right some silly mistakes in the Bible. Go and see.
Your pawpal

Sue said...

Happy Christmas to you Whistle, and to Fish, Dubby, Andy and Sister. Oh, and your people too!

Have a great visit with Aunt Songbird!

Truffle and Ouzo