Saturday, December 22, 2007

Guest Blogger: Andy the Cat

Christmas, the Santa Paws and all that is for kittens and young cats, but She asked for my list:
to eat a meal in peace without Dubby, Whistle and Fish sniffing me and putting their heads in my cat food
for all the neighborhood dogs to stay home and away from my yard
to worship in Methodist church sanctuary across the street without being "shoo-ed" out
That's it. I want to say that the spiritual part of Christmas is wonderful to me. I'm not talking about getting special canned food or even the extra cat cookies, I mean, humans seem to be happier and kinder with one another.
Also, if I get to speak at Midnight on Christmas Eve and the Christ Child is here, I'll thank him for putting in the Holy Book about people being stewards of animals. Years ago, people read that passage to mean that they could use or do whatever they wish to animals. Now, more humans seem to understand that we are part of God's good creation and deserve the honor God gives us.
Too busy to blog often but She asked me,
Andy the Cat


Littlemankitty said...

Andy, I never metted you before. It's nice to meet you. I like your list.
Will you be my friend, too?

You wanna be a methodist? I never met a methodist before. My old girlfriend was a luteran. My mama is a presby something. My new girlfriend is a jewish. She's the rabbi's daughter. she's nice.

Whistle says you get to go outside.
Is outside scary?

Your friend,

Sue said...

Nice list Andy. We hope all your wishes come true.

You go outside???

Happy Pawlidays,

Truffle and Ouzo

Whistle said...

Dear LMK,
Yes, I'm an outdoor/indoor cat. I spend my time patroling the grounds and napping in azalea bushes. I work hard and when it's time for meals, I want to eat in peace.
I'm an outdoor-going cat because I trained with Rusty. He came with this house and She loved him.
LMK, we can be friends if you allow me to eat in peace and don't jump on me while I nap. Anyway, She says you are a cat cousin of ours. Merry Christmas, young man.

DogBlogger said...

Good list, Andy! You are a very wise cat.

Spooky said...

Andy, I really like your list. I am a Methodist kitty, too, but I also get shooed out.

I have been much nicer to my people this year, so I am hoping for extra treats under our puny tree just for me (and I did not leave any "treats" under that tree for them!). I am so glad that our people take care of me and treat me nice.

I'd like to be your friend, too.