Friday, December 28, 2007

Aunt Songbird is here! She brought us cookies! Big bags of cat cookies! She brought catnip! Toy mice! She is here and we love her!

Sister got dog cookies with yogurt icing! And sprinkles! She ate two and wanted the entire box but Aunt Songbird said, "save some cookies for later".

When I woke up this morning, I went in to Aunt Songbird's room. I jumped on her bed and looked at her!

She is really here!

Dubby says, "I love her! She is my Aunt Songbird!"

We say "ant" for "Aunt" down here because we are Southern Kitties.


Whistle, with Cat Cookie Breff!


Sue said...

We say "ant" up here too!

I sure wish we could jump on the bed with Aunt Songbird. We jumped on Mom today and she didn't like it. She said she was trying to sleep. Aunt Songbird is much more fun than our Mom.

Truffle and Ouzo.

Spooky said...

We say "ant" here, too. I'm a Florida cat, but my people are from a far away place called Kentucky and they talk funny.

Those Greenies sure look good...maybe I'll get some for my birthday.

I stole a piece of pretty paper that was on a present when Red and Stretch were here. It's in my hiding place. I think Napper heard me playing with it today. I have to find another hiding place now.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...


I like cat cookies too...

You should see what MY peeps brought home and not only didn't let me EAT, they didn't even let me SEE them.

Please rub around Aunt Songbird's ankles for me. (We call 'em 'ant' here in the Mid-Lanticks too. I don't know zackly where that is. I heard Giver of Greenies tell someone that once...)

The Shadow Princess