Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whistle's Christmas List

Dear Santa Claws,

I had a great year! We got Dubby! We learned new tricks! Fish got hurt, then got well!
Sister is so much fun! Andy got hurt and he got well!

Here is my Christmas list. I wish for these:

A great present for Sister because she is the Best Dog in the Whirl and my nanny.

400 lbs. of Greenies, the best cat cookie!

To be the spokescat for Greenies, the best cat cookie!

Get my picture taken with the President of Greenies, the best cat cookie!

Please get Fish and Dubby and Andy what they want for Christmas

More than one Birthday a year!



1 comment:

1-4 Grace said...

Whistle, and Fish, and Dubby, and Andy, and Sister!!!!!
I hope you all get 'zactly what you want for Christmas.
I am so excited. I have a sock-thing up and Mommy says I will get surprises on Christmas Eve.
I am already so happy 'cuz I already got a family, a warm place to sleep, cat treats, and lots of toys.
My favorite thing to play with are these little pappers with flowers on 'em.
Mommy wads 'em up and puts 'em in her bathroom trashcan. I get them out and take them into the living room. She says I am a sily kiten to play with a Kotex strip! What's a Kotex?