Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Boring, boring, boring!!! Whew! I'm sick of my brother, Brother Fish, blogging here. Get your own blog, you slacker cat!

Fish is BORING!

Let's discuss something we are all fascinated about: MY BIRTHDAY IN 13 DAYS!!!

I'm sending out invitations. Mom says I may invite whoever I wish but to remember that far away pet friends won't be able to come. That's OK with me! I just want other animals to know I love them!

Guest List for Whistle's Birthday Party (and Fish's....)

All of my RevDog and RevCat pals!
Chubby the Squirrel out the kitchen window.
Gypsy the Cat
Border Collies down the street

and then, I'm inviting humans who sound interesting:

Miriam Webster, she knows words
Warren Peace
Chester Drawers
James Herriot
Dr. D., our vet
Whoever it is who owns the Greenies factory

Can you think of anyone else for my guest list?

Did I tell you that Mom is ordering a canned cat food cake from Party Animals Bakery? Yummy!

Love from your Favorite blogger,


P.S. Have you bought my gift yet? Not that I'm asking for one because I'm not supposed to ask for gifts and I wouldn't think about asking for a gift even though my birthday is in 13 days.


Littlemankitty said...


1-4 Grace said...

I wish I could come to your party, but mommy says it is too far.

ppb said...

I love those little sleeping kitties...but there are no ginger kitties in the bunch?

Whistle said...

Dear Aunt PPB,
I couldn't find a picture of bored Ginger kittens...
I think LMK needs a cat cookie right now!


Mary Beth said...

Party Animals Bakery! Woohoo! Where's THAT!?

Josie & Boudreaux

Molly said...

It's too hot where you live for me to come in the summertime. Could you please podcast your party?
Your friend,