Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dear RevCats and RevDogs,

It is time for us to plan our retreat. My mom won't come home from Hogwarts. Ouzo is eating jelly off a bagel and Mel is taking clothing out of drawers. I'm busy trying to get someone, anyone to clean my litterbox. Fish, mentioned at the Blogher Conference post (!) is tired of being in his confinement pen.

Molly, are you with us? What about you, dog blogger? I want Lila to come be with us, too. She doesn't blog yet.

I say we all get together, have a good sniff then go eat cat chow. Or, dog chow. We chew up a few fuzzy toy mice, hang out around the water bowl then have a meow fest and bark concert.

Are you with me?

Whistle, tired of watching RevGals whoop it up while the pets stay home

P.S. 20 days until our birthday. Fish and I will be two years old!!!!


DogBlogger said...

I'm with you, but I'm really not allowed to comment while The Typist's at work.

Don't tell anyone I did this.

Whistle said...

Dogblogger! Glad to hear from you! I use Mom's study computer whenever I feel like it and no humans are around. Fish is in there with me. He hates his cage and wants to get out in 20 days for his birthday. I hope he can. He wants to sign up for the bottlecap soccer Fall League!

I won't tell anyone, ok?

1-4 Grace said...

Psst! Whistle..
I am with you too.
I have this great video for cats (dogs might enjoy it too). It is all about stuff we like, squirels, fish, birds, gerbils and rats. We can even form our own discussion groups after we see the video. thats what Mommy says she does on her trips.
I will bring my video some Greenies and (my fav) Catberry treats.

RevAnne said...

The spooky Boo cat and Cletus the Wondermutt are in!

DogBlogger said...

How about The Boy and I bring some Frosty Paws?

Also, we can lead a workshop: Chase Each Other to Fitness, Living Room Edition.

Sue said...

We're both in. Truffle will need to bring her entourage with her. She's a little high-maintenance, but don't tell her I said so.

Will there be jelly? I like jelly. It's my new favourite thing.


RevDog said...

Alright already, Whistle - I've started my very own blog, and I'm ready to party on! While the Revs are away, the pets will play...

RevDog said...

I'm Laila, by the way. Shh, don't mom's still trying to keep her pet nuttiness at least slightly under wraps!

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Dogblogger, my whiskers are sealed.

Hmmph. I just heard that Giver of Greenies is leaving AGAIN. Something about "chick week at the beach" and this is most distressing. I want to go. I like sandboxes...

I would lead a session on "alternate play objects" since I am really really good at finding things to play with. (OK, toilet paper is now off limits, but milk rings and beer bottlecaps are OK. go figure.)

RevDog! COOL! Welcome to RevPets!


Molly said...

Hey, Whistle! My pawtop computer has been in the shop getting new parts. I am sorry I couldn't visit sooner. I suffer in the summer heat and don't feel much like blogging, even when the pawtop isn't broken.
My mom was away, too, at camp, and she just got home. Is your mom home? I hope so.
Your friend,