Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guest Blogger: Fish

Dear Friends,
As you know, I've been in confinement for years so my fractured-three-pins-added leg may heal. I've had a great deal of time to think.
After much reflection and reading, I've decided to become St. Fish. I discover that I am a contemplative cat who likes to meditate under my turtle quilt. During meditation, I realized that I do not miss television, my ipod or watching bird videos. Instead, I've discovered blessings in the quiet. My "cage" has become my hermitage. My time "apart" are refreshing moments when I can think deep thoughts about my food bowl, my paws and life itself.
Therefore, I have taken the name, "St. Fish", to honor my Mom and in recognition of my new monk self. I can't figure out how to tonsure my head so I believe my shaved back leg will serve as my "monk's mark".
Please, no more gift cards for downloading iTunes or frivolous cat toys (except catnip mice). I do accept cat cookies because a cat who can't enjoy cat cookies has poor theology.

In Quietness and Rest,

St. Fish (do you recall that my birthday is 14 days from now?)


mibi52 said...

May I come share your hermitcage? I need a break from the cares of the world, and stroking your head while sitting quitely sounds like a good meditative practice.

PPB said...

I agree that a cat who doesn't accept cat cookies has poor theology.

Littlemankitty said...

No toys 'cept catnip mice? You are a very holy cat indeed.

I believe in cat toys.

It's my spiritual gift.

Songbird said...

I guess I'll have to give that gift card to Whistle, then.
But it's could to hear you are finding your calling, St. Fish.

zorra said...

Mom says you must be INFP.

I'm very contemplative, and I focus on my front paws when I'm meditating, too. But if I do it for very long, I just go to sleep.
Glad to hear that you are better, and your ordeal is turning out for the good--


DogBlogger said...

St. Fish, we wish you well in your new meditative lifestyle.

I prefer to meditate in the back yard, but The Boy is more like you -- he meditates under the bed.


RevAnne said...

Cletus the WonderMutt is a backyard contemplative, and the spooky Boo cat prays in corners, sometimes loudly. But then she goes berzerk and runs around the house like something was chasing her. I'm not entirely sure the Boo is a Christian. Please pray for her, St. Fish.
I might like to book a hermitcage session myownself.