Friday, August 17, 2007

Eleven days, count em', 11 days until my birthday! I'll be two! That's 2 big old just-about-grown-up years old!
Fish's birthday is the same day. He was born first and weighed more than I did. Now I am bigger than he is but he lost weight when he hurt his leg. He's gaining it back in his new persona, I mean, catsona as Brother Fish.
Almost my birthday!,
P.S. My Aunt LLS in NC says she can't believe we are having another birthday. She said we just had one. Mom told her, "No, Whistle talks about it all the time, year-round."


Littlemankitty said...

I can't wait until your birthday. Your mama is getting you a cake! And I get a piece! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you're that old! You're really old! You're grown up! You're my older cousin!!!!!

Molly said...

Listen well, my young padawan. Be sure they put some kind of meat in the cake. Those are the best kind.
Your Friend,

1-4 Grace said...

I wish I could have some cake too!
I was two in April and all my Mama did was give me a kiss and a toy mouse!
Hey, If the her-uh-cane comes to your house, y'all can stay with me.
I got room and will share my toys.

Linda said...

did you know it's 24 days until my 25th birthday?? i'm a little nervous.
excited about your big day, still searching for that perfect something for you and fish. (and maybe something for sister in case she feels overlooked!)