Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We got canned Cat Food for our birthday dinner tonight!!! Never had it before! DELICIOUS!

We got snacks like New Zealand Venison Jerky!!!Greenies!!!CatBerry!!!Cat Coat!!!

We got catnip candy bars! Furry mice! New Collars!!! We got birthday cards from Josie and Boudreaux! LittleManKitty sent beautiful catnip candy bars, cat cookies and furry mice!

We got pieces of leather string to chew! We got everything a good cat could want!


We got new collars! We look very handsome and catly! We are 2!




Sue said...

We're so glad that you and Fish have had a good birthday. We sang to you earlier (see the comments below).

In honour of your birthday, Ouzo stole some ham from the kitchen counter tonight. He said he wanted to celebrate Whistle and Fish's birthday with a special meal. Mommy wasn't impressed. She's no fun at all.

Happy Birthday!
Truffle and Ouzo

Psalmist said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boys!

You got really good prezzies!

We're jealous.

(Our human doesn't even know when our birthdays are, and this year she forgot to celebrate the arbitrary one she chose for us --May 1-- until way into the month. We may be getting up there in age, but we think our human is senile.)

If our human weren't so lame, she would have bought you some presents and sent them to you. As it is, our great good wishes for a happy and HEALTHY year (listen up, Fish) will have to suffice.

We love you cat cousins!

Rosie & Jenny

Tillie and Chin said...

We came over without our human Mommy knowing we snuck over to the party. I think it was the breff smell that lured us over, even if we are of the canine persuasion.

We think we should get the same treats as you did, but one of us has a sensitive stomach and you know what that leads to....

Happy Breffday,
Tillie and Chin

DogBlogger said...

Happy Birthday, Cat-Boys!

Have fun being two years old!

--Cub, who has very clean teeth and nice breff from whatever happened during her nap at the vet yesterday

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Whistle!
Happy Birthday Fish!!

PPB said...

I hope it was a very good one.
Now that your big boys, I wonder what you'll do this year? Hopefully be very, very good.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so glad that you both had such a great birthday!

No little cat toothbrushes??

mibi52 said...

Hippo Birdie to Ewe!

Spooky and Mia (the Scairdy-Cat)

Sally said...

Happy Birthday catz