Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Melech,
You are a great kitten! We all think so! You sent us cat cookies! We love them and got our Mom to buy more for us. Even our nanny, Sister, likes the cranberry cat cookies.

I hear that you are using your feet and paws funny around your litter box! This is great! Keeps the humans on their toe pads wondering what you are doing. Our forecat, The Great Rusty, perched with all four feet on the edge of his plastic litter box. Sometimes he did his work inside the box, other times, he just didn't.

I have a Booda litter box with steps. I walk up a ramp into an enclosed litter box. Lots of privacy, good place to kick litter everywhere! Love it! Our Mom likes it because she doesn't sweep up kicked litter everyday. Because the Booda is like a lil' round house, the litter stays inside of it. The steps knock off the litter crumbs when I leave the Booda. I think I heard LMK has a Booda, too.

When Fish gets out of his Hermitage, I'll share the Booda with him, or so my Mom says. He may have to get his own! A cat likes his own place to return to the earth what came from the earth (see my poem, "Bitter Litter" from my book, " Fish's Greatest Poems and Quotes: One Cat's Perspective on Life, Naps and Cookies", InterVarsity Press, 2007)

Anyway, you are a great kitten and I'm sure you are helping your Mom feel needed. Be sure to learn to sit on her lap and make her calm. This is holy work and one of the reasons God called us to be Preacher Pets.

Peace of the Paw,



Littlemankitty said...

I have a booda too! The rolls royce of cat boxes!

1-4 Grace said...

I want a Booda. I have to tell mom when she gets back from the Hogwarts of the South. She goes there to think with her friends and drink Margaritas...excuse me, but she can think and drink here and still have a free hand to scratch me under my chin.
Be good to your mommy, cuz she had a hard week already.
Thanks for talking to me about the litter stuff.

Sue said...

Ooooo....that sounds nice. We have two boxes, just regular ones and we make as much of a litter mess as possible. It gives our mom something to do - sweeping it up.

Truffle and Ouzo

Linda said...

i'm visiting my dad today and he has two kitties! they are named jack and black and they are bottle cap hockey champs!i read them some of your blogs and they say hello. they hope you get everything you'd like for your birthday. and they are praying for fish's recovery.
miss you!