Monday, August 20, 2007

Party Animals Cat Cake

This is NOT the cake I want for my birthday. This is a cake for people. I want a cat cake!

How to make a Party Animals Cat Cake: take a can of great canned cat food, open the can, let it fall out onto a Wedgwood or Doulton salad plate (really, I want a Lynn Chase wild animal plate but we don't have one), place two birthday candles into it. One candle is for me; one is for Fish and we make are two cats so it works! Serve cake to me first, then Fish...

Why Party Animals Cat Cakes are the best: because getting wet canned food is a very special treat.

My Birthday is the 28th. Eight days from now I will be two years old. Fish will be two, too. He's my brother.

Have I mentioned any of this before?




1-4 Grace said...

I hope y'all ahve the bestest birthday ever!!
Mommy went to Petsmart today and she saw a baby kitty that looked like LMK, except it was a girl kitty!
She siad I almsot had a baby sister, but she can't afford the rent for two cats. But she was cute. She was mostly white with black on her face, sides and tail.
Did you see that MY MOM ask YOUR MOM about my bathroom habits!?! Give me a break, PLUEZZZZZZ! How embarssing! Next she will be blogging about how many tiems i pee and poop a day!
She should be happy I go in the box and not in the bathtub like when I was little.
Hee-hee. I tee-teed in her bathtub and she just stood there with her mouth open! It was so great! This little trickel of yellow went down the drain! So cool!!!!!!

Littlemankitty said...

So here's my idea for a cat cake:

wet cat food on a fancy plate (I don't know nothing about plates, but I'm only one.)

Then take dry cat food, mix it up with greenies, put it in the food processer to make a fine crumb topping for your cake!

Then candles.

1-4 Grace said...

How about a little bit of catnip on the top to? You know like sprinkles...