Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is how I felt today. We went to get our shots at the vet. The lady who gave us shots isn't our vet but some relief vet we don't know. She is rough with us.

She said that Fish's splint wasn't positioned correctly. She said today's x-rays show that his bone isn't healing. She said that he should have a pin in his leg! She said she didn't know why our vet didn't get a pin in his leg.

You should have seen our Mom. She was furious that this stupid vet talked about Fish's splint and his healing as though our vet is stupid. Mom wrote a blistering letter to our vet about what happened today.

Fish and I got three shots. Every single shot hurt. The relief vet told the tech that she didn't know how to hold us for shots then grabbed me and crushed my body to give me a shot. I wanted to bite and scratch her but Mom gave me The Look and I couldn't.

I don't like the relief vet. She gave me no relief. She is a real Maureen C. and I hate her! I do!

We aren't allowed to say we "hate" somebody but I hate this vet.

My butt hurts,


Monday, May 28, 2007

Dear Mrs. Inner Dorothy,

Thank you for the cat breff mints and treats. We tried to sit like the Buddha Cat on the bag of treats but Fish's splint won't bend. We have fresh breff and happy tummies.

Please give our best regards to your people and to Ouzo and Truffle. We want to be international pen pals with Ouzo and Truffle. Our teacher, Prof. Whiskers, says we need to "broaden our vistas" because we live in a tiny place in the Deep South.

We send you love, snorgles and several whisker tickles,


P.S. I'm writing this for Fish because he is napping. Mom told him to practice his thank you note writing but he just keeps his eyes closed.

Friday, May 25, 2007

We finished class today at Prof. Whiskers. I'm not sure how my grades are this term. I know I tried hard, between long naps, to do my assignments but SPRING! distracted me.

We have green frogs on the windows at night. We have big bugs outside. I can smell fresh grass on my people's shoes when they walk by.

It's not easy to pay attention with the smell of SPRING! everywhere.
I turned in my essay, "Affect: Who Cares" two days before the deadline but Prof. Whiskers returned it the next day and said I needed to include more information about the Cat Stare. I re-wrote and gave it back to him. I think I did well but he will e-mail my grades to the 'rents in 10 days.

Fish gets his cast off soon. The vet calls it a "splint" but it looks like a cast to me. She changed it (had a bunch of cat hair on it!) from green to purple. I think she is an L.S.U. fan. Fish runs everywhere with that cast until he sees a human. Then he limps and looks pitiful. Our Mom gives him extra cat treats EVERY DAY. WRONG! As they say, "doesn't anyone care???"
He spends hours underneath his turtle quilt or underneath bed covers. I don't know what he is doing but I think he is depressed that he can't play soccer or any sports. Before his injury, he lived for the High Jump so I think he is very sad.

Enough about him. He can get his own blog.

Our mom is gone, maybe forever. We don't have water in the study water bowl and the litter box is disgusting. I ate dog food for two days because Sister ate my food and no one noticed our cat bowl was empty. I miss her. She should come home. Pretty Girl told us that Mom is "just in the next room" but I've searched and cannot find her.

Cat treats Rule!,


Saturday, May 5, 2007

you know what makes me happy?
when mom leaves the hallway light on and the frogs stick to the windows.
i'd get a frog except for the glass is in the way.
really happy,

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My dog, Sister

Here I am with my nanny, Sister the Dog. Isn't she the greatest?
We chase each other around the house.
In this picture, we are resting and talking about when the War will be over.
p.s. I put the same picture twice so you can have a copy for you wallet!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Illustration of Great-great-great etc. etc. Uncle Whiskers with a Mouse in his Milkbottle.
Dear China:
Please don't put sick things in our food. Because you wanted to make money, you are responsible for the deaths of cats and dogs. I hope you are ashamed of yourself. It's lazy and undisciplined to make fillers and sell the filler for food.
Who Man Beans trusted you and pet food sellers to make safe food for their cats and dogs. They didn't check to see if the "filler" (what a concept! why not use nutritional food???) was safe. Pets died. They suffered and so did their who man beans.
My brother and I are indoor kitties. We depend on our people to feed us safe food. Even Andy, our great indoor-outdoor cat, eats cat food. He may get a mouse, a squirrel or a bird but not very often. These are gifts for his Mama not food, anyway.
You are bad. Bad! Very Bad!
Whistle (and all my furry friends)