Thursday, October 18, 2007

heh heh heh
Hey Everybody! I'm blogging! heh heh heh!
Whistle is eating cat crunchies from his Wedgwood bowl in the kitchen so he doesn't know!
I'm dressing up as a big cat for Halloween. We are having a party. Mom says I should be a politican for Halloween since I have big paws. I don't want to wear Sans-A-Belt slacks and a comb over! I want to be a big cat!
LMK! How you doing? Hey Mel and Mugsy! Hey Truffle and Ouzo! Hey my dog at Zorras! Hey Molly! Hey everybody!
Gotta run...Whistle is coming to the study

Interview: Whistle with Dubby

Whistle here.
I'm interviewing Dubby.
Whistle: Tell us, Dubby, how it's going for you...
Dubby: Just great! I love it here! I have EVERYTHING I need: great kitten chow all the time, you, Fish and Andy and my own Nanny Sister!
Plenty to do here! Lots of blinds to play with! Good rugs to knead with my claws! I love my Owners! You let me take a nap with you!
W: Anything bothering you?
D: Nope.
W: Plans for the future?
D: Doing well at Prof. Whisker's Cat School, learning more tricks, pooping in designated areas only, making turkeys for Thanksgiving by outlining my know, that sort of thing.
W: You are a good kitten. Let me say just like Fish doesn't want anyone to disturb him when he's under his Sacred Turtle Quilt, I don't want you to use my blog. Got it?
D: Oh, sure! No more using your blog!
W: Great. Anything else for our readers?
D: Yeah, I have very clean ears! Whistle cleans my ears and does general grooming for me! Is that the best or what? I smell like my brothers and my Nanny now!
W: You are welcome, lil' fella! Ok. That's the interview. Remember the part about not using my blog...
D: No prob! Wanna play?
W: Sure....
That's the news from here,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I Am Happy

See me with Whistle? I am very happy.
Love and Kisses,


Whistle here. Hope you are well. I'm doing fine. Here's a letter from the Mailbag:

Dear Fish:
My owner may be considering seminary. He mutters "exegesis", "pericope" and "student loans" often. You are a preacher's cat so maybe you can help me. Any tips on cat protocol as a P.C.?
---Kitty Kitty Graham

Dear Kitty Kitty:

Preacher Cats face several issues. First, if your owner is studying, go sit on books and papers under your owner's nose. Pay attention to keyboards and learn to make music by standing or sitting on the keys. Keyboards are like warm beds, too.

Second, when church people visit in your owner's home, make them feel welcome by hiding. If you do come out to look the church person over, get on the kitchen counter. Nothing says "feed the seminarian/preacher" like giving the impression that you are allowed to run wild in the food prep area.

From Sister, our great dog, I've learned that it's important to release your intestinal fortitude as close to the visitor as possible. I don't get this entirely but Sister believes that sharing smells is hospitable. She sniffs everyone, front and back, too.

I've spoken to Whistle about this next one. Please, please, please do not play "personal interaction games" when a church person visits. Leave these for when we are alone. Even if the conversation is stale or stumbling, no one needs to see Whistle's imitation of "Brokeback Kitty".

Finally, can you share your fur? Make sure the visitor leaves covered in your fur.

If your owner goes to seminary, have no fear about dorm living. Our owner had a cat in the dorm at UTS. The seminary catalog specified that students were allowed "only aquariums and terrariums". She named her cat, "Terry" and they lived a happy life in a dorm room.

Preacher Cats have a high calling to comfort owners. Give some leg rubs when sermon writing is going slowly. Wake your owner up early on Sunday mornings. Purr when you see your owner praying.



Monday, October 8, 2007

Speaking of Collars

In our house, we wear collars. People enjoy hearing our bells before we jump from doorways.
Andy gets to go outside so he wears a collar for safety. He lost three collars in three days last week! Is he the best or what???

I lost my collar. Now I am running around nekkid. Really.

Dubby is too little for a collar. His neck is about the size of my nose.

When you are nekkid you feel the breeze on your neck when you charge through the house. I feel freed up, ready to race down the hallway!

I know where my "lost" collar is. I'm not telling.

A Wild Cat Named,


Saturday, October 6, 2007

It is 328 days until my birthday.

I knew you wanted an update for your planning.



P.S. It's ok with me if Dubs blogs. I just hope he doesn't get a Facebook page.

Stealth Blogger: Dubby

Here I am. Whistle can bluster all he wants but I can type faster than he can! Get a load of my paws! He's in the kitchen chewing cat chow so I came in here to blog.

I love my home and family! I landed in butter!
Great cat crunchies for food. I don't miss that canned stuff at the Book Store but the noise of a popping can catches my ears.

I love W. and F.! Whistle lets me play with him and Fish will learn to love me, too. Sister is the best dog Nanny in the entire world, maybe the universe!

I love Greenies, bottle caps, cat toys and books. Yes, I'm going to Prof. Whisker's School with the older brothers. I'm learning how to be a locksmith, play the piano and programming. All of us polydactyl kitties get to be on the Paw Track there. For fun, when it rains and we can't go into the playground, we practice tying knots.

Gotta go, here comes Whistle. You can call me "Happy Dubby" because I am.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our New Kitten

This is Dubbertee Bunratty, our new kitten. Our LS says Fish and I are such great cats that we need to help another cat be great, too.

This is what we are teaching Dubby (his nickname, not for his formal stationary):

*teach to use claws on furniture

*race through the house on thunder paws late at night

*kick cat litter

*get on the kitchen counter

*hide in Mom's closet

Our next big lesson is how to pull toilet paper off the roll into a big pile. He's not quite ready for this lesson.

I taught him how to stand up to get cat cookies but wish I hadn't. It's not easy sharing cat cookies with Fish, Dubby and Sister. In a perfect world, I'd get ALL the cat cookies.



P.S. Aunt 1-4 Grace sent us the most wonderful cat treats and stuff! She sent Mom a bracelet and earrings too! Even Sister got a dog fur smoother! We love her gifts! We love her!